#$10novel – day 11

Morning has broken, like the first blah blah blah…

Getting ACT I done today, doing it!

Today’s contestant: The deadly and talented Emily Mangan.

From what i know of Em, she’ll just feeling guilty if i give her $10, so i guess i have to try harder just so as to not add to her emotional burden. 😛

Novelburns Update:

I’m seriously considering dying the novelburns purple. Pictures forthcoming.

Body Update:

One thing about trying to get the %$#@!& writing done every day, and just plain being slammed with other work, is i am NEVER EXERCISING and am EATING REALLY BADLY. Just generally feeling fat and gross. So…

This is not part of the challenge, but i want to be aware of my eating and exercise, so as part of this whole thing, i’m going to use these blog entries to track them. Pretty much the only formal exercise i do is Bike, Walk, DDR, Push-ups and Ab exercises, so maybe i’ll just track the numbers on those. So far today i have:

Food: Raw Fruit – DDR: 0 songs – Bike: 0 mins – Walk: 0 blocks – Push-ups: 0 – Abs: 0 mins

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One Response

  1. Emily says:

    My day is today! My day! Its mine! Its my day!
    Yaaaaaay! Yeah, you'd better keep your monies dude, because otherwise you'll have to give me a giant nuggie, and I'll put the money in your shoes or something.
    Keeping track of daily activities seems like a good idea as well. I remember when I built the carotenoid vs. ninja page, I only ate a bagel in 24 hours. 😛


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