$10novel – day 12

Today is yet another day where nearly every second is accounted for. Mostly for things i’m not all that excited about. Going to try to get some writing done as soon as i send this.

ACT II, i is in it. From now on, things are going to get harder and harder as i diverge away from my original outline. Anyway…

Today’s contestant: Loreen Heneghan, who can kill men with a thought.

I have to reach 53,000 words before i go to bed tonight, or i’ll owe Loreen ten bucks, which she will no doubt spend on debauchery, scams and intrigue. She must be stopped!

Novelburns Update:

The burns continue to spread like a virus. I started to dye my hair today and decided to throw some dye on them. They REALLY stand out now.

What you looking so smug about, dork boy?

What you looking so smug about, dork boy?

I’ll hopefully dye them bright purple next.

Body Update:

Hoping to get some exercise in today, but it’s not feeling likely. Had raw food for breakfast, so that feels pretty good. We’ll see about the rest.


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8 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Dork boy. 🙂 Soon, you are going to have face-ferrets. I am very excited.


  2. mike says:

    dying them purple would totally negate the Glen Danzing thing you've got going on, you know.


  3. Mel says:

    Gra, get out and exercise! You need to keep yourself sexy in spite of the 'burns!


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