$10novel – day 13

Day 13!?!? Oh noes!

Well, i literally have one more completed scene to draw from, and then it’s all uncharted territory. I just spent a little while making a list of unanswered questions and unfired guns, which will hopefully point me at new scenes as i go.

Today’s contestant: My friend Holly Arrow.

I have to reach 56,000 words before i go to bed tonight, or i’ll owe Holly ten bucks, which she will likely use to buy herself and Bruce subway sandwiches. Oh crap! I already owe Holly money! I guess i’ll endeavor to write today’s words and still pay holly. 😛

Body Update:

Am eating pretty well. Just had juice, fruit and nuts for breakfast. I’m going out to lunch, but at least i’m biking there.

Mel’s going to kick my butt if i don’t do some real exercise, so i’m going to commit to doing at least 6 songs of DRR, 10 pushups and a full set of ab exercises. If i don’t do it, i’ll send Mel (or the non-profit of her choosing) $5.

Come on, people. Let’s go get that day!

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  1. Mel says:

    I choose Focus on the Family.


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