#$10novel – day 14

OMG! Today’s a double payout day! [swearword]!

Meh. Yesterday i had to get design work done in the morning and then started volunteer work at 4pm (that ended up going till 11:30pm) … then i had trouble getting to sleep. “Meh!” I decree!

For a “day off”, it was not very day-off-like.

Anyway, dragging myself up and about. I’ve already written 500 words, but have to write another 2500 or i lose *gulp* $20!

Sunday, May 31st: Arashinomoui and Bruce Holland Rogers (DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY!)

So, i have to get to 59,000 words or i’ll own both Arashinomoui and Bruce ten bucks. (I’m desperately trying to figure out how to get this done with all the other work i have to do today. And i have to get most of it done by 6pm!)

I know, sorry, whine whine whine.

Novelburns Update

At this point, i’d call them “fluffy.” They are not yet dyed purple. I’ll have to wait till i can find some time and maybe for them to come in a bit more.

Body Update

So. Sore. My arms and belly are definitely feeling it. Going to take it a bit easier today. I read somewhere that you need to let your body have rest days to make the exercise effective. I’ll jump back into it harder tomorrow.

Okay, disappearing into my cave of writing. Update tonight.

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