#$10novel – Day 2 – Start

Doing it again.

Day Two: Sean Markey – 23,000 words

I’ll mail or Paypal Sean $10 if i fail to get my wordcount up to 23,000 by the time i get to sleep tonight.

Updates on Twitter coming soon. I know that Sean will just use the money towards an evil robot army, so i’m particularly motivated to meet this goal.


What Sean doesn’t know is that i’m armed with charts, schedules and calendars. Heh heh heh.

(Gah, i’m a nerd.)


Ahem, i mean Rawk!

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  1. Sean says:

    Gra! Evil robot armies is kinda Beth's thing. I just want some pizza, man! Help a brotha out, and take a vacation today, spend some time tanning or reading to senior citizens or sleeping beneath a tree. You EARNED it, man. I don't want you to NOT complete the book. Just enjoy yourself today. See? Completely Altruistic.


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