#$10novel – day 25 – Holy $#@%!!

I can only say…


95,110 words, the last two are THE and END.

Is it perfect? No. But it has some good stuff in it, i think. I’m going to quickly and obsessively look over the scenes (throw a good ten or twelve of them away probably) for a day or two and then send the whole mess to initial readers.

Valerie, E.J., thanks for the motivation! You don’t get the $10 each, but E.J. gets Charles Darwin and Valerie gets an Asian guy with an afro!

Thank you all. It’s been a hard process, i couldn’t have done it without you.

Check in tomorrow for a novelburns update. New exciting surprises coming!


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  1. Pati_Nagle says:

    <img src="http:/patinagle.com/blogart/beautifultrophy.jpg">


  2. Dave Lerner says:

    Glad I could help.



  3. Pati_Nagle says:

    Hurrah! Congratulations, novelist!

    You finished a novel in less than three months, so you deserve a beautiful trophy. Here it is:



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