#$10novel – day 7

I just spent an hour marking up and bracketing the next five chapters in preparation of writing all day. To get back on track, i need to write / edit / rewrite at least 5000 words, though really i’d love to get through 8000 so as to have a buffer for tomorrow.

We’ll see.

I’m not doing anything but writing, eating, and taking walks in the sun.

Day Seven: Ethan McCutchen and Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Yep, here we are on a DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY. After my fail yesterday and resulting backlog of missed words … well, i’m a little nervous. Ethan and Nina are both good friends, but i’m still going to do my darndest to save my twenty bucks.

I need to reach 38,000 words or i’ll have to pay out (though, like i said, i’m secretly going to try to get to 40,000.)

Anyway, wish me luck. I may or may not Twitter, depending on how into it i am.

See you on the other side.

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  1. Dave Lerner says:

    I'm impressed that you can fail, and get right back on doing it, not quit altogether. I gotta figure out how to do that some day.


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