#$10novel – day 8 – biff!

Jeesh, i never even posted this morning!

Beth, it is my sad duty to inform you that even though you are the

Day Eight $10 challenger

i only needed 800 words to catch up … and wrote that this morning … sorry. I’ll find some other way to contribute to your robot army.

Instead, i offer … a picture of a robot army!

I’d still like to build more buffer, but i’m hitting the end of ACT I, which is being pretty tricky.

Next up: Pati Nagle. Pati, since i didn’t build up my buffer today, i’m back to slogging tomorrow to keep my $10.

Everyone (except Pati) wish me luck!


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2 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    yay, you get your words, and I get my robot army. WIN-WIN.


  2. Grá Linnaea says:



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