Apparently i’m not as original as i thought…

Just found out that i'm not the first person to think of the whole “album in a month” thing.

One of them is in February. Oops. Found out about it by a guy on the web who saw one of my promos.

Well… um… my idea is cooler!… yeah.

Actually the other two contests are pretty cool:

One of them happens in November, same time as NaNoWriMo, it's called National Solo Album Month, or NaSoAlMo.

The one in Feburary is called February Album Writing Month, or FAWM.

The thing is, with FAWM you only have to write 14 songs in 28 days, with NaSoAlMo you only have to write 29 minutes of music in 30 days.

And with both of them, there's no criteria of what is a song or an album. There's participants in both of them that are doing instrumental albums.

Hell, i can make two or three instrumental tracks a day. What really feels like an edge to me is to write songs with lyrics and to [gulp] sing. And to do a song every day.

I did get an enthusiastic email by someone who wants to do it… at least i think so… they're email was so enthusiastic that i'm not quite sure they were saying.

well, a total dreamer !!!
but you need contestants.!?!..prob. survive a couple days…more…
hoho!!…this could get me even crazier !!!??!!!
So wild guru, I take ur guidance to the lightning sounds at the end of the tunnel…

Well… cool… rock on!

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