art day 13 – [story fragment] Joist

I don’t know what i was thinking.

Ray mentioned his riff on James Joyce, “Rejoice” and i thought, “i’ll do that too!”

The only problem was i’ve never read Joyce. So, with five minutes research on wikipedia and a vague idea that Joyce didn’t like punctuation, i present “Joist” (Get it? Get it?!)


The nail chipped through my skull I thought ridiculous you always loved my hair but your mother you were never to marry a construction man the skull cracked in fractures that crystaled out like supersaturated salt splintered bone finding pores in the stainless steel the flash of light like God or alien beams of solid information head wounds bleed most hair hennaed like a long haired punk with slicked dreads Bob and Joe watching clenching their work gloves Bob crying not five minutes after calling Joe fag both look at me at each other clenching hands tapping denim pockets scream the cell phone the cell phone you sit with your mother in bored conversation a restaurant we can’t afford wondering if we’ll ever talk about you and Joe we both know but never speak Joe wondering if it was an accident the nail gun slipped Bob is crying your mother is wishing you had picked a lawyer or a doctor or some other cliché wishing you spoke of Joe even if I knew already our dinners would have been easier with Joe on the table and the air cleared the light so bright everything in shadow naked building bones in black contrast as the sun gets brighter and brighter and brighter.


Experiment done. Let us never speak of this again.

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