art day 26 – [story fragment] My Best Story EVAR!

I haven’t quite finished this story. But it really wowed them at Clarion. The potential it has…


[Need a killer opening line.]

[Really vivid setting details. (Don’t forget the character … quirky!)]

[Have to research hard sci-fi sciency stuff. Make people think i’m smart.]

[Something awesome happens!]

[Try fail cycle. (Thematic allusions to feminist critique of capitalism?)]

[Depressing fatalistic ending. (Kill the baby?)]


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6 Responses

  1. The Ferrett says:

    Honestly, I thought it was by far your best work. *G*


  2. neil says:

    I dunno, Gra. I mean, it's as good as I remember — but rereading, now, I think maybe you could have done more with the whole Theme thing.


  3. E. J. says:

    I still say the story needs a mythological allusion to really resonate.


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