Bowling, and the impact it has on my life …

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It was my birthday and I was being ridiculous.

It started well. A huge group of my friends took me out to dinner. I forgot to tell people I didn’t need presents; some folks brought me some sweet things (Nina got me fountain pens! Elina got me special tea! Loreen got me a kitty eraser!)

… and then there was bowling.

I admit that I see bowling as something one does ironically. I have a specific goal and strategy:

A.) Throw the bowl as hard as possible.
B.) Look as ridiculous as possible.

Also, I once saw a bowling program on TV. It looked like those dudes threw the ball along the gutter and spun the $#!@ out of it so it hooked into the pins. It seemed like a fun tactic, so I do that too.

Anyway, I was pretty much tied with Joel. I did my ridiculous spin-throw and let myself do a 360 on one foot. When I came back around I saw the ball had inexplicably slid left at the last second and the pins went down like … well, like bowling pins hit by a bowling ball thrown by someone who knew what the hell they were doing.


C.) Be as dramatic as possible.

So I spun around to everyone, pumped my fists in the air and fell to my knees.



No one noticed. I stayed there till I got some polite clapping.

Ah well. Fine. I got up and sat down by my cake and the beer Joel bought me.

A few minutes later my left pant leg was straining from an expanding lump on my knee.

Well, crap. We discussed whether I should go to the emergency room, and decided to go have cake instead.

Oh, and I totally won bowling that night … with a gimpy knee!



Anyway, turns out, through the power of stupidity, I gave myself bursitis. The suck part is that my knee is still messed up, nearly a month later. Possibly cause I keep doing things that … are not so good for my knee. Elina and I had been dancing a lot, which I LOVE, but now that I’m gimpy, I haven’t been able to dance. (Well, okay, I’ve done it anyway a few times, but there have been consequences.)

… but I have a knee brace now, and the knee is slowly getting better. So, yay.

Sleepiness, Sads and Sunlight

Also in exciting body news …

… well, okay, I’ve been kinda depressed for a while now and I noticed that I have A LOT less energy than I used to.

I assumed it was partially life-change overwhelm and partially getting dumped last month. But it had been a while since I’d seen a doctor and figured I should get a physical.

Time passed. I got my physical a couple days ago. My doctor says I’m in perfect health. Cool. But I got my blood work results back yesterday and have been informed that I have a “Serious Vitamin D Deficiency.”

I’ve further been informed that the two major symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are … wait for it … depression and fatigue.

Oh, okay. So, cool, I’ve been given Super D Pills and my knee is getting better. Yay. And I’m still slowly chipping away at the novel and … cool.


Novel updates are on their way. Also some exciting news about where and how I’ll be living soon and other cool stuff.

Stay tuned …




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