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art day 36 – Ejiri Parade

Wanted to make something a little more orchestral sounding. I think certain sections are a little too long, but i really like the end.

Put on your waltzing shoes for Ejiri Parade.

[note: i am at a con, all posts for the next few days are set on a time delay and released *electronically* … moo hahaha.]

art day 32 – [music] Burn (breakbeat)

Vocoders are addictive.

I was going for a sort of Daft Punk thing. The track doesn’t quite work, but i love the little bassy thing that comes in about halfway (Aye Eee Aiie Owww Aye Eee Aiie Owww.)

For your herky jerky stop start dancing pleasure, i present Burn.

Btw, the drum track is a sample from Rock Me Amadeus. “Ooh! Rock me Amadeus!”