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My first (unofficial) review.

John E. Rogers, Jr. writes on the Asimov’s Forum:

“LIFE IN STEAM by Gra Linnaea
(Illustrated by Ryan Behrens)

The first truly superb story in the anthology. Answers the age-old question of what would have happened if James Blish had tried his hand at Steam Punk. This would. I hereby dub this sub-sub genre Steam Monk. Religious intolerance, agents of the Inquisition, artificial “Babbage” brains made of wood and brass, chasms full of clanking and hissing machinery, an impossibly alternate world where travel upward into the “heavens” involves spider ships that crawl along the fixed, solid firmament of the sky, crises of intellectual and spiritual “conscience,” and some good, old fashioned action. What’s not to love?”

I feel a little squee. 🙂


John goes on to say later:

“Linnaea’s bizarre, rule-breaking steam monk story “Life in Steam” exhibits a form of literary bravado (and bravura) we need to see more of.”

More squee!

Oh, so i sold a story…

Oh, right, i’m a writer. Oh, and, that’s right, if i send my stories out, my chances of selling them increases. Funny that.

I sold “Bakerloo To Hollow Hills” to the Escape Clause anthology today.

I’m very pleased. Not a pro sale, but it looks like it’s going to be a lovely anthology and the people are really cool.

My friend Beth sold a story to the same anthology! Crazy!

Changes a comin’

Well, i finally did it. I converted my writing site to a blog. It’s not entirely done, so let’s call this Version 1.

First and foremost, this means that i won’t be posting directly to LiveJournal anymore. You’ll still see my posts, though, through syndication. I’m trying to set up a plugin to show comments made on LJ syndicated posts, but it might be easier to just go to my site if you want to cheer, boo, accuse or cajole. (link at the bottom of every post on LJ.)

Hey you know what?

Tomorrow’s my birthday!

Clearly a time for changes and challenges. In honor of my new year i’m challenging myself to create more. Expect frequent posts here of art, music, story excerpts and other bits of weirdness from my mind.

The current exciting categories are:

  • Scribbles, Constructions and Objects D’Art : ART
  • Bleeps, Crashes and Squawks : MUSIC
  • Chunks Of Story : FICTION EXCERPTS
  • Unsolicited Writing Advice : WRITING ADVICE
  • That’s Just Silly : COMEDY
  • Whoa, That Was Weird! : DREAMS

Expect something new at least twice a week, eventually everyday if i ever get on top of this novel.

I’ll still post updates on the novel process and Work In Progress quotes too.

So, cool, come check out the site!

Oh, hi!

Taking a little mini vacation. More posts soon.

Oh, by the way, new fiction up at