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Yeah yeah yeah. All right, all right, i'll do it…

25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me.

1. I compulsively flip my hair when i'm nervous. I'm told people think i'm trying to look like a rockstar when i do it.

2. I wrote, produced and composed the soundtrack for a short film that aired on PBS repeatedly for years.

3. I don't own a TV, listen to commercial radio or read mainstream newspapers. I believe commercials and mainstream news are psychologically damaging.

4. I lived with a ghost who opened all my cabinets and closets every night for a year.

5. Once i started to write, four years ago, writing became so important that the rest of my life has warped around its gravity.

6. My entire family was nearly murdered on a camping trip when i was one.

7. I unconsciously form a thumbs-up with my right hand whenever i walk, run, or exercise. When i notice, i force myself to stop.

8. I played the villain in a really bad direct-to-video horror film. One could tell i was the villain from my black eye-patch.

9. I've been deeply in love three times.

10. I usually cry when i finish writing a novel.

11. I was the engineer for a number of famous 90s industrial bands.

12. I use the lowercase "i" when writing about myself.

13. I owned a recording studio, but lost tens of thousands of dollars (as did my parents) when my partner ran with all the equipment.

14. I identify as bisexual, but have only been in relationship with three men in my life.

15. I've lived in four or five intentional communities, depending on how you count.

16. I hitchhiked around Ireland using a coin-flip and a map to choose where i would go next.

17. I've (so far) recorded six albums of my own music.

18. I am descended from Irish pirates on both sides of my family.

19. I believe if anyone has a soul, then everything has a soul.

20. My band toured the country in a short yellow school bus. One of our shows was in a country western bar. There was a riot out front while we played.

21. I used to be in a queer vigilante group called the Pink Angels that patrolled the gay neighborhoods of Chicago. I quit, disillusioned, when the group voted against patrolling lesbian neighborhoods. After i quit, i became a volunteer counselor for queer teenagers.

22. I tested for Mensa, then declined to join when i passed.

23. After 911, i voluntarily lived below the poverty-line so none of my tax money would go to the Bush administration. This year may be the first time i've paid taxes in eight years.

24. I had never eaten ethnic food (except for Mexican and Chinese) till i moved to Chicago. Now i generally refuse to eat American food. I love Love LOVE spicy food, rich food, and sauces!

25. There are five words that i find disturbing in and of themselves. One of them is "slacks." I wont tell you the other four.

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