Open for bidness.

OMG, I almost forgot to squee about my new business cards!

I liked my old cards, I was pretty proud of my design, but the contact information was all out of date. I was thinking about redoing them, but I was already drowning in design work for other people and I was thinking a classic minimal design felt more appropriate to where I’m at these days.

… then I stumbled upon this video of Evan Calkins at

I’m incredibly into letter press. I love the natural embossing the process creates. Evan has a 1500 lb 1902 Chandler & Price 10 x 15 letterpress and his stuff is beautiful. He’s frankly incredibly friendly, professional and flexible.

The cards are just gorgeous.

mah new card

These are from his sweet deal on preset designed cards. (Also available through his etsy store.) This card would have had a capital GL at the top, but I thought it might be neat to extenuate the accented á in my name as a sort of logo. Evan was completely accommodating and I love the results.

Anyway, I love these and Evan was a complete joy to work with. Give him all your business. Now! Go!

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