Post Clarion

Post clarion Blues?

Wonderful, complex, bittersweet memories?

Incredible learnings… …that have completely messed up my writing… …and given me writer’s block?
You betcha.

That was Clarion: Powerful, Hilarious, Confusing.

Honestly, i’m pretty messed up. Reintegrating into my old life has been hard. I haven’t written a word of prose.

I miss everyone.

Apparently i’m back to blogging… hopefully. I may blog things i learned at Clarion, to work it through for myself as much as anything.

Be warned: I may try to sneak in some backdated stories as if i was writing during Clarion. You know, just so i remember stuff… and to fill in some of the huge gaps in the blog.

Speaking of filling this darn thing out: I’m challenging myself to post something artistic at least every week, maybe eventually i’ll post something artistic every day. Oooohh.

Look for carvings, story fragments, music, poems, etc…

Like this stamp! I just cut it now!

Flying snake!

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