Relationship as a metaphor for my writing

Motivation and i are on a trial separation. I’ve been casually dating the twins, Procrastination and Distraction and my old girlfriend, Apathy keeps calling.

Feh, i say!

My writing’s been derailed since i finished the first draft of the novel. I’ve done a few pokes at a couple of stories, but nothing’s really gelling.

Me no like.

So, as always, this calls for drastic measures. I don’t know what yet, but stay tuned, cause it might involve cash prizes or at least me making a fool of myself.

Oh, and i might as well start doing music and art again if i don’t start writing regularly.

See you soon.

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  1. John Burridge says:

    "Strip Writing" For every 500 words you get behind in a goal, you remove one article of clothing. And yes, we want a web-cam. 🙂


  2. Grá Linnaea says:


    Wait, naked writing? Wouldn't that make me … ugh, Harlen Ellison?


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