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Companies I lie to.

Posted by ON in Dear Diary

Usual disclaimer: It’s been forever, dusting off this thing, lot going on, yadda yadda yadda…

So we moved into the new house. (New House?!??) and right after the move, after I got out of the hospital (hospital?!??) we set up our new internet service with CenturyLink.

For the record, this isn’t going to be a rousing endorsement CenturyLink. They’ve screwed up literally every step of the process of setting up our internet. Billing installation, everything.

They’ve even sent me three letters, three different letters informing me that my credit rating is zero, the letter literally has 000. The letter(s) go on to explain that the reason I’ve had to pay a large (unspecified) deposit is because of my impossibly low credit rating. 000.

So, there’s two problems here, but fortunately they cancel each other out. The first is … I have an amazing credit rating. I don’t know how exactly, but somewhere along the line I accidentally got all adult and ending up with awesome credit. If I were chatting with the folks at CenturyLink, I’d motion around me to the house I just bought. (Zero credit rating tends to make such things a little tricky.)

The other problem is they haven’t actually charged me a deposit. As far as I can tell the whole series of letters is CenturyLink trolling me. I guess as long as they don’t actually bill me for this deposit, I’ll just play along and pretend to write them invisible checks for its unspecified amount.

All of which is to say, I’m much happier with CenturyLink than Comcast. When we moved out of the apartment, I called Comcast and said, “We want to end our service.”

The guy indignantly asked why, and I said, “We’re leaving the country, we don’t know when we’ll be back and we don’t know where we’ll be living next.”

And boom, the guy only tried to talk me out of it two more times, a mere twenty minutes of typical-Comcast-employee-desperation later, and we were free forever. Fuck Comcast.

Now I’m just biding my time till Google Fiber shows up.

Oh yeah, about the house and the hospital and the last year … I realized that I’ve been having trouble getting back into blogging because there’s SO MUCH TO SAY, so I figured I should just jump in and get a post out there. I’ll try to catch you up as I go.