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#$10novel – day 19 – FAIL!

Diana Standish is our second fabulous cash prize winner!

Yeah. Another burned-out day. Though honestly, i feel pretty proud. I wrote 2000 words that were pretty good. I’ll pick up the extra tomorrow.

Look for a picture tomorrow.


Next up: Oh snap! Misa Arant and Jerry Oltion

Crap, another DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY! I have to make up my lost wordcount and get to 80,000 words, or i have to pay BOTH of them $10. The deadly $20 day comes!


So, yeah. Going to bed.

#$10novel – Day 6 – FAIL!

Maybe it had to happen eventually

I really burned myself out yesterday and i guess my body just rebelled today. I got out about a 1000 words, but was really busy in the afternoon and i just don’t have the omph to do it tonight. I’m going to go to bed early and then try to catch up tomorrow morning.

So, what that means is:

Chris Battey is our first fabulous cash prize winner!

Chris, either comment or email your address or paypal email, and i’ll set you up.
Email address: fabulouscashprize [at] gralinnaea [dot] com

Whatchu going to spend the money on?


Next up: Ethan McCutchen and Nina Kiriki Hoffman

That’s right folks, if i don’t make up my lost wordcount and get to 38,000 words, i have to pay BOTH of them $10. The first deadly $20 day comes!


Also thinking about a minor change to the challenge, look for the next blog post.