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Of overwhelm and wonders …

Posted by ON in Dear Diary

I get sick of hearing myself say, “So. Much. To. Do.” And yet, I still put myself in that state far too often. Doh.

This week brings together an amazingly stressful set of events and obligations: Money work and writing duties, preparation for my workshop next month and moving. Don’t get me wrong, moving to Portland has already had its up sides. I’ve been hanging out with folks and exploring the city a little and have already made some exciting new friends. Cool.

But I haven’t gotten much done in the last two days, which my friends know sometimes feels like the end of the world to me. (get it? May 21st? GET IT??)

And okay, some downtime isn’t automatically a bad thing, but I feel like my brain isn’t going to good places when I’m still. Clearly I should either full-on sit with the feelings or get on with getting stuff done.

I guess I’ll try both today.

I found these two articles on getting-$#!%-done: The Cognitive Cost of Doing Things and How Self-Control Works. I declare today will be a mix of being good to myself while still pushing myself a little.

I’ve made a reasonable list, prioritizing things that will make my life immediately better. It’s short enough as to not be too overwhelming, has fun breaks built in and, when it’s done, should have immediate positive results in my life. Tonight I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 … 2 … 1GO!