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Of what and when and where to share?

I work best when I’m showing off.

When I tell people what I’m doing, I get valuable feedback, I become accountable. “I’m doing THIS today!”

… then at the end of the day I get to say, “I did it! I did THIS. Love me?”

… or I have to say, “Um, I did NOT do this. I … I’m sorry.”

And I hate that. I hate it so much that I usually get off my butt and I DO THE THING.

Sometimes I con my friends into letting me send them an email check-in every day. That’s been kind of cool.

But what’s worked best is when I write to the WHOLE FLIPPIN’ INTERNET, “Hey! Look at me! I DID THE THING! … Love Me!”

So, the question is … is that cool?

Seriously, I’m asking. I have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Livejournal and my personal site. Is it cool to share daily updates about what I’m getting done? (Or when I’ve failed.) Would you be annoyed to see it every day? Would you defriend me? (Stop following me, Block me, etc etc etc.)

I’d love to hear what you think is appropriate to share. What do you enjoy seeing? (as a friend/peer/colleague/stranger/curious passer by) What are you indifferent to? What would annoy you? (What would make you hunt me down and slap me?)

Just as some framing, I’m thinking things like my daily wordcount, maybe in the context of the larger work I’m on. Maybe a bit about what music I’m writing or what art project I’m in the middle of. I’d love to add a small bit about my exercise routine. Basically the main pieces of my larger goals.

What do you think? Okay as a one sentence tweet? But annoying as a wall update? Only okay as a side note to a more substantive blog post? When is it good to share?

Your thoughts, share them please.