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#$10novel – day 15 – HULK SMASH!

Dave made a valiant effort.

At 10:40am, he sent me a link to War & Peace, suggesting that i might like to spend the day reading.

At 1:10pm, he detailed all the things he would do with his $10, donations to despicable causes.

At 4:10pm, he sent me a study outlining the health problems associated with lack of sleep. A nap, he suggested, was in order.

It was a good try, Dave, but i am happy to report my $10 is saved.

Instead, you get a plethora of muppets!

Novel Excerpt:
     They sat around a butcher block table in a white kitchen lit with warm light. He’d offered coffee but Amp had waved it off. “We really have to get out of here soon.”
     Mr. Winters looked out the window. “I think we all may.”
     The kitchen was bright, feminine, whoever had designed it had hand-drawn vines as trim along the ceiling. Mr. Winters caught Ras looking at it and said, “Mrs. Winters decorated herself.” His face fell. “She passed through the veil a year ago.”
     Ras looked down. “I’m sorry.”
     He appeared vulnerable and old for a moment, then he straightened his back, his face fell into the enigmatic mask he’d held in the church. “We’ll all pass through the veil. I look forward to becoming an elder.”

Tomorrow’s Contestant: Kevin Kenan

I have to get to 68,000 words by the time i go to bed tomorrow, or i owe Kevin ten bucks.

Novelburns Update

Still there, still itchy. I’ll probably dye them sometime in the next few days. Pictures to follow.

Body Update

Did some DDR and a few pushups and situps, but not as much as i’d like.



#$10novel – day 14 – poof!

Well … i said it would get harder.

No more whining, i got through the day, barely. Going to bed.

Merchimerch, sorry for the lack of updates and for denying you my $10. If it’s any consolation, i really earned it today.

But you get … DONKEY KONG!

I promise the excerpts will come back, but not tonight.

Next up: My good friend Dave Raines, who, despite being a man of deep integrity, will probably try to mess me up in any way possible to get my $10. Curses.

Novelburns and Body update coming soon.


#$10novel – day 14 – Crinkle!

Started late, finishing late.

This last scene was a bugger. I basically avoided writing it all day and then at around 10pm was faced with paying out the $20 or sitting my butt down to write. So write i did.

Arashinomoui, Bruce, thanks for the motivation. I can honestly say if not for the twenty buck threat, i never would have written today.

To honor your help, Arashinomoui, you get a very shiny screw. Bruce, you, of course, get Zimbabweian currency.

Tomorrow: Merchimerch.

Body Update:

Food: Ate well today … until i went out for a veggie burger, tater tots and root beer with Em. 😛

Though i made up for it a bit by doing 6 or so DDR songs.

Okay, hoping to get back on track and knock out my words in the morning.



$10novel – day 13 – BOOM!

As i write this, i am sweaty and sticky from fulfilling my exercise duties. Soon i shower and, you know, go to bed.

Holly, my money stays mine! Sandwiches will have to be purchased in the usual fashion.

But, because i am a beneficent in my winning status, i give Holly an awesome lime green phone:awesome_lime_green_phone

Tomorrow: DAY OFF!

Body Update:

Food: Ate raw in the morning, had Thai red curry for lunch (soooo good), ate raw for dinner … then went out for ice cream! Ah well.

Mel forced my hand, so i did 7 DDR songs, 10 pushups, and 9 ab exercises (20 reps each.)

It’ll do.