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#$10novel – day 12 – Smack!

Jeesh. I just wrote 3400 words between 9:30 and Midnight. Whew.

Loreen, i take my money back. So there. 😛

But you get a dradle!

ACT II is in full on emo mode. I’m going to have to find ways to lighten it up a little. I also think i need to find some time to do some plotting cause i’m running out of plot fast.

Anyway, tired. Going to bed.


#$10novel – day 11 – SNORT!

Dammit. I made myself cry again.

The end of ACT I is kind of intense for me. I guess i forgot.

Anyway, i’m on page 257, (50,243 words in.)

ACT I is done. Whew.

No $10 for Emily, so she doesn’t have to feel guilty. 😛

Instead, Emily gets a dragon of awesome!

Novel Excerpt:

     Ras took Joyce’s hand, squeezed it and turned to go, But he pulled her back, leaned in close to her ear. He whispered but she heard him perfectly through the cacophonous noise. “My dear, thank you so much for what you do for me tonight. May all your dreams come true.”
     She leaned away, didn’t know what to say, so she just smiled and made her way to the stage.
     Backstage was almost as loud as the club. She and Beth and Brian wove their way in to the dark wings. Beth and Brian set down their bags sort through their juggling gear.
     The lights flared and Beth saw a man in a side room, sitting in a wheelchair staring at the floor. He looked sad.
     She wanted to go to him but was distracted when the band finished their song. The crowd swelled to a deafening roar.

Next up: Loreen Heneghan

P.S. –

Body Update:

Food: Raw and Vegan, plus juice
DDR: 0 songs
Bike: 40 mins
Walk: 6 blocks
Push-ups: 10
Abs: 0 mins


#$10novel – day 10 – SPLOOM!

Another $10 saved! 47,2367 words in and i’m planning to keep writing. Literally on the edge of ACT I, can look over and see ACT II below me, full of doom and bad plotting. Yikes!

Kishi, thanks for playing, please accept this picture of a power cord as a parting gift:

Tomorrow: The sneaky and deadly Emily Mangan tries to steal my $10 through various trickery and distraction. 50,000 words may be a difficult point in the novel, and yes, ACT II looks very scary, but i will triumph!


#$10novel – day 9 – KERSMACK!

I’m running out of action noises.

The $10 dollars is saved! I’m now 44,490 words in and am rapidly approaching the end of ACT I. I didn’t really start writing till about 6pm tonight. I’ve been terrified of this scene for forever, but tonight i just sat down and did it. It might not be perfect, but it’s freakin’ done.

Pati, you rule. Sorry to steal back the $10.

But instead, you get the most touching picture ever:

No excerpt today.

Tomorrow: A much needed DAY OFF!!


#$10novel – day 7 – BOOYAH!

The $20 dollars is saved!

I wrote for nine hours today. Wrote / edited/ rewrote a total of 8000 words. I threw away two chapters and two scenes and rewrote from scratch two other scenes that were scaring the crap out of me

Man, i am achy, sore, fried and wired.

Nina, Ethan, i apologize for stealing back my $20. As a consolation prize, Nina, you get a picture of a My Little Pony ™, Ethan you get France!


Story fragment

(Sorry, am too tired to edit it, so it’s pretty clunky):
     The wind was warm on Ras’ face. She settled into a deck chair on a concrete patio in the Jones’ backyard.
     She was finally starting to relax when Beth startled her by taking her hand. “Hey, hon. Can I ask you something?”
     She leaned back. It felt so nice to hold Beth’s hand again. It’d been a long time. “Sure.”
     Beth kept her eyes on the ground, like she felt shy. Ras smiled. It’d been a long time since she felt intimate with Beth in any way.
     The falling sun made Beth squint as she looked out over the fence. “There’s a river around the bend. Brian and I were talking about taking a walk.”
     Ras smiled even bigger. “I’ll get my coat.”
     Beth squeezed her hand, looked at the ground again. “Um, we’ve all been in each other’s faces for a few days. I think he and I could use some alone time.”
     Ras’ heart felt a little painful squeeze.
     Beth said, “That’s okay, right?”
     Her neck tensed up. “Sure, of course.”
     Beth gave her hand one more squeeze and let it go. “Great. We’ll see you later.”

Next up: My awesome friend and editor of Shimmer Magazine, Beth Wodzinski.