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In other news…

Tonight i’ll be leading the Wordos for the first time.

Amongst all my busyness and stress, it somehow seemed like a good idea to take on the Wordos too. Whew.

I’ll be splitting the duties with John, so that’ll help. This is my week, next is his, etc…

But yeah, the wordos is an old and established group and i hope i don’t break it or anything.

#$10novel – Day 1 – Start : Let’s get this party started

All right, here we go.

First up: Dave Lerner

I’ll mail or Paypal Dave $10 if i fail to get my wordcount up to 19,717 (about page 96) by the time i get to sleep tonight.

I’m hoping to hit the novel hard this morning, so updates should be coming soon. I’ll let you know if i emerge triumphant and authorial, or if Dave gets pizza money.

Wish us luck!

Heading to NorWesCon…

I’m geeked and nervous. This will be my first time speaking on panels and … well, let’s hope i have anything to say. Oh, also i’ll be leading a critique group. I’ve done it before, but … nervous!

On the plus side, i get to see friends for the first time in months. It’ll be nice to see kehrli, etc!

Anyway, yeah, it will hopefully be a weekend steeped in awesome. Nay, oversteeped in awesome. An infusion of awesome, if you will.

I may be too busy to post, but i’ve set up some timed posts, so check back for your daily art infusion.


Writing… the novel… feh


You’ll notice that a few days ago i said i’d post daily updates on the novel. That i was going to treat the novel like a part-time job and work on it every week day.

Yeah, well…

I still am, really… but it’s been an arduous process. I think the plan of tracking hours on the novel rather than tying my success to wordcount is a good one. I’ll hopefully go back to posting updates about my progress and wordcount, but first i’ve decided to tweak a few things.

Yesterday a fellow Clarion survivor suggested that the scene i’d been stuck on for days might be the result of it not being properly set up in earlier scenes.

Which is so so true. So now i’m thinking that the best thing is to go back and get that stuff in there. I spent a decent chunk of yesterday listing all the plot-cookies and character-hooks that were missing from the first five chapters. Hopefully fixing that stuff will make going forward even easier.

Whew. Hopefully.

Back to the grind….