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Whew! Two weeks running around.

rainbow!I managed to consistently put out episodes of Miranda every Tuesday and Thursday every week since I started the project.

*Ahem* that is until two weeks ago.

Because, reasons. Lot’s of exciting stuff going on. A bunch of travel, then I hosted a week-long profession novel critique workshop on the coast. As far as I can tell, it went great!

I’ve also been slogging on this novel. I ended up needing to restructure the whole thing (thanks for the crits, Coastal Heaven!) which meant throwing away a ton of words, but I think it’ll be a much stronger book in the long run.

Also the usual, work, life, relationship, etc etc etc.

Anyway, this is all a long way of saying… Miranda is back! A new chunk is going up tonight, the exciting conclusion is coming within the next month. We should be back on track for every Tues/Thurs. Watch for new artwork and more!

Gráfinder: Spring addition

By the way, if you find yourself at Norwescon (April 5th through 8th) you can find me at the following panels, etc:

Friday 11 am Cascade 6

Our panelists will help you divine the meaning of different rejection letters and ways to deal with rejection.
Sonia Orin Lyris (M), Sir R.L. McSterlingthong, Grá Linnaea, Lizzy Shannon, Eileen Gunn

Friday 2 pm Cascade 6

Gender Roles Redefined by Sci Fi and Fantasy
Genre literature freed up women long before the ERA. How has sci-fi and fantasy literature redefined gender roles, both for men and women? And why does Joss Whedon have such a love for teenage girls who kick ass?
Stina Leicht (M), Paul Guinan, Grá Linnaea, Julie Hoverson

Saturday 11am Evergreen 1&2

The Writer/Editor Relationship
An editor is interested in your story. Hurray! But he wants big changes. Boo! Now what do you do? Find out what goes on behind the scenes and how you as a writer can increase your chances of closing a sale.
Jay Lake (M), Stan!, Gordon Van Gelder, Grá Linnaea

Saturday 2 pm Grand 2

Autograph Session 1

See you there!

A few quick notes to myself

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Nephilim!Erg. I’ve been meaning to do a New Years post, etc, but I’ve been SO BUSY. *whine* *whine* *whine*

Maybe later this week.

Anyway, I wanna close a few tabs, so here’s some notes to self.


Four writing things:

Bibliotheca Fantastica (My friend Claude is editing this. I owe him a story. Phew.)

Predictions of what 2011 would be, from a paper in 1911. (I saw this just as I was thinking about writing more stories in the world of my WotF winning story, “Life in Steam.”)

Chuck Palahniuk’s “Big Voice, Little Voice.

400 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. (AWESOME!)

And three random life/house things:

WordPress Contractors (I’m thinking about hiring someone for my site redesign.)

Electrical Conduit Raceways (To tidy my video projector setup.)

craigslist > services offered > household services (I’m *cough* thinking about getting a little help around the house.)

More later …

Quick tab close

Posted by ON in Dear Diary

My browser is getting crazy lately, so here’s the stuff I want to get to later, when I’m less busy.

Writing stuff

Free writing seminar in a box
Thought verbs
How to work from home without going insane
How to use Robot Mode to accomplish more.

Brain stuff



Letterpress class

House stuff

New Style Kitchen and Bath
Moir Construction
Custom Brush Co.
How to Redo a Small Bathroom
Small Bathroom Ideas


Influence Explorer – tracking what companies lobby for (useful for shopping with integrity)