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art day 70 – 48 bars

Messing around with standup bass samples, jazz drums, and uncharacteristically undistorted guitar. This track starts out really fun, but i think gets a bit noisy in the end. Ah well.

Try out: 48 bars

Random picture:
(I love receiving contracts and checks in the mail, but i REALLY love receiving contracts and checks that come in envelopes like this!)
Cool postage stamps!

art day 68 -Washed Up

Playing with triphop and ambient for a little bit. This track is mostly just a bunch of unformed ideas thrown together. I could probably use an edit and maybe some more melody touches. Maybe i need a singer to to do something over it. But mostly i just wanted something that washes over you. Good writing music, ya know?

For your mellow listening enjoyment: Washed Up.

Random picture (mostly an excuse to play with contrast and color settings):
Blue Gra

art day 67 – La la la la la la

This one is ridiculous.

So, you know i’ve been trying to get my head around lyrics and … erm, singing? Well, as an experiment i tried just singing nonsense (ahem … scatting, if you will) to try to figure out a melody line. I figured i’d come up with lyrics later … but i didn’t. The horror that is me scatting is indescribable, you’ll just have to hear it.

Anyway, it all comes together in this little mess of a pop song aptly titled La la la la la la

Random picture:

art day 65 – Procession of Mothers

Nothing says Mother’s Day like sugary techno-pop.

Actually, i made my mom a nice card the other day, but i forgot to take pictures before i sealed it up. Ah well.

When i tried to think of Mother’s Day themed music, there wasn’t much that came to mind. But this simple little tune at least wont offend her.

I like to imagine a giant parade of mother’s, uh, processing. Please enjoy Procession of Mothers.

Random picture:
drainer thing

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

art day 64 – Buggy

Ok, i’m serious. I think this might be the happiest of the too happy techno-pop songs in C.

This song loves you. With its velvety angel wings and with its wet nose, it loves you.

Hopefully for your enjoyment, Buggy

(By the way, i call it “Buggy” cause every sound i made for it sounds like a bug to me.)