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art day 32 – [music] Burn (breakbeat)

Vocoders are addictive.

I was going for a sort of Daft Punk thing. The track doesn’t quite work, but i love the little bassy thing that comes in about halfway (Aye Eee Aiie Owww Aye Eee Aiie Owww.)

For your herky jerky stop start dancing pleasure, i present Burn.

Btw, the drum track is a sample from Rock Me Amadeus. “Ooh! Rock me Amadeus!”

art day 31 – [music] Circling (pop)


I got sick of always whining about not recording vocals.

So i wrote some lyrics (stupid lyrics *grumble grumble grumble*) …

… and recorded them (stupid voice *grumble grumble grumble*) …

… but my voice still drives me crazy, so i ran it through a vocoder.

Trying for a sad indie pop thing here. And so we get Circling (with robot vocals!)

Whatcha think?

art day 28 – [music] Faith & Honesty (pop punk)

Wrote this for bareftinthesnow. Was kinda trying for an alternative punk-pop thing. I wrote lyrics for it, but hated them. They now rest at the bottom of a lake with concrete blocks on their little lyrical feet. I also started recording vocals, but the world isn’t ready for my warbling caterwaul.

For your indie-alterna-punk-pop enjoyment, i present Faith and Honesty.

Yes, bareftinthesnow i’ll try to write new lyrics for this someday.