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Last night i wrote and read a story at the Wordos holiday reading, which went pretty well.

I mean, i think it did.

People seemed to like it at least. In general the process reminded me of how i used to write. Think of an idea in the morning, poke at it a few times in the afternoon, throw everything away and write something else all at once.

This system works pretty well for flash, but has been trickier for longer stuff. I kinda wonder about writing scenes this way, if i could lay out the larger story, maybe i could knock out chunks in inspired flashes.

Hmmm …

Anyway, thinking about what and who is important to me these days.

A lot of money work, mostly. I love my job, and i work with really cool people, but i’m still getting used to the time commitment. Sometimes i’ve been able to write in the mornings, or take short breaks in the afternoon, but mostly i’ve been writing at night again. That works, but i’ve been hanging out with folks a lot and i keep feeling the draw between being social and getting my words for the day done. I think trying to balance my writing life with social time is also making me feel pretty picky about who i hang out with. My tolerance for BS and games is pretty thin at the moment.

Anyway, the thing i’m most excited about is my new motivational system / game i’ve invented out. It’s kind of ridiculous, but i’ll post it here in a few days and see what people think of it. It has charts, goals … and poker chips …

Anyway, you’ll see.

But, yeah, that seems to be most of my life these days: Work, writing, exercise, friends.

I still have long term goals i’m thinking about: Portland, MFA, writing stuff, but i think as long as i’m writing, sending stuff out and hanging out with worthwhile people, i feel pretty satisfied with my life … short term.


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