Tour Journal – 2005 – Vol. 1 – Issue. 2

from a hotel room in Mountain View California.

I'm going to be honest with you. I was pretty terrified until our truck was destroyed…

but i'm getting ahead of myself…

Stanford has been pleasant. Amazingly pleasant. In fact it's been so undramatically pleasant that i haven't been able to think of any
engaging stories to tell you about our time here. The shows have been terrible; we barely sold any CDs or anything, but whatever.

We've been hanging out and chatting (sometimes flirting) with the ethnically diverse (and for the most part extremely attractive) student body. J would occasionally sneak away into the bookstore to flip through sci-fi books, and i would dig through their physics and music books.

So, as i said, everything was very nice, but not all that newsworthy.

This morning we let ourselves sleep in, slowly packing and getting ready to go. Our plan was to drive into San Francisco to stop by Good
Vibrations to pick up some lube (Good Vibrations is a worker owned cooperative sex shop), and then start off on the 29-hour drive to Dallas. I was thinking how i wouldn't have anything interesting to report to y'all when the phone rang (cue low swell of dramatic music.) J picked it up, i wasn't paying much attention until she said, “We didn't get into a car accident.”

Long story short; While we were sleeping, a drunk driver nailed our truck hard enough to knock it out into the street. By some miracle he
wasn't killed, but the back of our truck looks like bad student art. The cops towed the wreckage of the truck away but didn't wake us up to
tell us, so we didn't find out till our insurance company called us to ask us what happened. I'm actually glad they called when they did. In another 10 minutes we would have been out on the curb scratching our heads and wondering who would want to steal our truck.

We spent most of today arranging for a new truck and transferring our undestroyed posters and stuff from our old truck to our new truck. Oh, one cool thing, we couldn't get the back of the truck open (even with a sledgehammer), so some dude had to come up with a forklift and pry the
thing open. I was chanting, “Jaws of life, jaws of life!” It really had a sort of party atmosphere.

So now we're leaving tomorrow morning (unless someone hits our new truck tonight.) J and i agreed that it was good that we hadn't named our old truck, since we lost him so early in our relationship. The trip to Dallas might be a bit tricky since there are apparently wind, snow and
rainstorm warnings to the south of us (i didn't think you could have all three of those at the same time.) Wish us luck.

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