Tour Journal – 2005 – Vol. 1 – Issue. 3

21 miles from San Marcos Texas.

Once again i sit here in the cab of our trusty yellow truck, blank page before me, and another mundanely pleasant week behind us. I'm sorry to
report that this road journal contains no totaled trucks, tornadoes, police chases, or marauding zombie hordes. Well, we are a little lost
right now, and we did get pulled over by a cop.

Actually that part was weird. We we're going too fast, a police car pulled up behind us, we pulled over, he used his bullhorn to ask us to
pull over somewhere safer, we drove up the road a bit…

…and then he was gone! We waited for a bit, but he had vanished into the proverbial thin air. Speaking of cops, you remember how our truck
had been totaled in San Fran? Well, when we were in Dallas J called her house mate and found out that on the night of the accident the
Eugene police had showed up at her house [J note: like, showed up at 4am]. Turns out that they had somehow gotten the idea that our truck
was 24 days overdue. We're fugitives!

We had to spend a bit of time clearing it up, but i think we're no longer material for a TV movie.

Going back a little; The drive from Stanford to Dallas was frankly kinda stressful and long. We saw a few cool things like the 'Brisbane Cow
Palace', I spent a half an hour yelling, in a British announcers voice, “Welcome to the Brisbane Cow Palace!” until J got sick of it.

We also passed the 'Casa de Frutas' Parkway, J has decided that is her new nickname for me, hopefully she wont use it in bed.

After the second day of driving we made it to Amarillo Texas.

I'm going to cut to the chase, the whole town smelled like manure. The parking lot, the lobby, our room, everything. I imagine after living here for awhile you probably don't even notice it, or you kill yourself. From Amarillo we made it to Dallas, which thankfully did not smell like manure.

Not much to say about the show. Our contact at the venue was an extremely friendly southern gentleman with a handlebar mustache. We again sold very little merchandise, met some nice folks, and more or less hung out a lot.

I spent much of my time obsessing about food. Here are the dietary habits of the migratory J and G:

I'm gonna level with you, on the last tour in Florida, J and i ate a lot, A LOT, of taco bell. We felt like crap most of the time, and felt perpetually guilty about giving money to a multinational corporation. This time around, convinced that i'm fat, and determined to eat well on this tour, i've pretty much gone raw foods vegan. I've been subsisting on salads, fruit, and those weird burritos you can make by wrapping a leaf of some shit around some other shit. J's been eating pretty good too.

Anyway, we've left Dallas. We stopped in Houston for a few days to visit one of J's oldest and bestest friends. Dave. He's wonderful, i
consider him a friend of mine now too. He and his partner Erika and J and i had dinner a few times and went to Quaker meeting on Sunday. Oh!
And we went to this amazing place. Called the 'ArtCar' museum. You gotta see it!

Anyway anyway, we're near San Marcos Texas, about a half an hour south of Austin. More reports later.

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