Tour Journal – 2005 – Vol. 1 – Issue. 5

Feb 3rd 05 – 4:30pm; From the show

Rainy day today. We're in South East Missouri State after a whirlwind run from Abilene Texas, up to St. Louis, and now down here. Tonight
we'll be driving to St. Louis. The charm of this trip has worn off, and i'm starting to get sick. I hate music, schools, our fans, and
especially big yellow trucks.

Oh, and i hate loading docks, food courts, and most especially hotels. In short, i'm sick of this. The good news is that we have one week left
and then we'll be heading home.

I do love Wifi though. This school has a wireless network so i can actually send this to y'all right after i write it. Oh and i love J, even after all of these stresses together, we haven't killed each other. And you, i love you, but i hate everything else.

On the way into town we saw a house, which from this point forward i will call 'The Valentine House'. This person really loves valentines day. I mean REALLY loves it. Every inch of their front lawn was covered in hearts, cupids, teddy bears, and red ribbon. The entire HOUSE was covered in red hearts. A sign above the front door screamed, “BE MINE!”

Now i'm not a big proponent of valentines day. I try to show my loved ones that i love them more than once a year. I don't like the whole
capitalistic aspect of Valentine's day, and i bristle at the idea of a mandated heterosexual monogamous couple day. Something like that. Or
maybe i'm just worried that since i'm poly, if i honored valentines day i'd have to write a hundred valentines cards every year (i'm kidding.)

The thing is, let's say you're into valentines day, and let's set aside my deep social-political analysis of the holiday. If i understand it
correctly, you might celebrate Valentine's day by writing “be mine!” onto a heart shaped piece of paper and hand it to the person you're
attracted to (i'm also going to set aside my creeped-outedness at the whole possessive nature of that endeavor, “be mine”, ugh).

Setting all of that aside, what the hell does it mean when you put a giant fucking sign above your door proclaiming to the entire world, “BE
MINE!” I mean is this some sort of request for the largest harem ever? Or is just an offer to the first person who is walking by and thinks to
themselves, “Oh what the heck, why not?”

Maybe i'm just a big scrooge. Bah Humbug.

Feb 4th 05 – 11:30pm – At J's parent's house

Ok i'm in a better mood now. We're relaxing in St. Louis. Yesterday confirmed the cold symptoms that had been building in me, but a good nine hours of sleep has helped some. J and i celebrated Imbolc in our hotel room near the school. We burned candles and had a nice ritual.

Actually i shouldn't say that so casually. We were in a non-smoking room, there was a big sign in our room that said, “This is a non-smoking room, if housekeeping detects any smoking in this room, you will be fined $50.00.” We did it anyway. We nervously snuck candles into the hotel, only to find that we didn't have any matches. J left me there and searched half of the town for flame-making implements. She finally ended up in a bar, which inexplicably didn't have any matches either. But the bartender went around asking customers for some until someone gave J their lighter. It's nice to see the whole community supporting us pagans.

The tour is officially almost over. We have only four more shows left, starting on Monday. Then we have to do a fair amount of traveling around. But then we'll be heading home.

More later…

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