Uh oh…

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I don’t think i mentioned this, but a few months before Clarion, i had surgery to repair a lesion in my large intestine.

It was amongst the less fun things i’ve done and it took me months to recover. I was really worried that i wouldn’t be recovered by Clarion and i had to tell the Clarion folks to keep a backup because there was a chance i couldn’t come. Anyway, i had the surgery, i recovered for the most part, and got through Clarion without too many problems. (I felt embarrassed about it and never told anyone what was going on for me. Sorry, guys.)

So … i’m having similar pain and problems the last few days.


I spent yesterday on the phone with the doctor (and my insurance company. Grrr…) and the first he can see me is this coming Wednesday. I’ve decided this next week will be spent having a miraculous recovery and i’ll arrive in his office with apologies for wasting his time. (knock on wood.)

I feel like i’m being whiny writing this. My friend E.J. has been having similar but substantially more serious problems (hugs, dude.) But … whew. Just not looking forward to surgery again.

Anyway, wish me luck.

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  1. Mel says:

    Oh oh. Get well G. Take it easy.


  2. Dave says:

    I am shocked, shocked, that you didn't tell me about this before. Because every time I visit members of my church, they tell me all about their bowel problems. Um, actually, it's kind of nice to be kept in the dark…

    Anyway, prayers for healing…


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