Writing journal – issue 4

Word Count: 50,209 Stress-level: Medium-High

Hey everybody, just a quick note to let y'all know that i'm still
writing and i haven't driven my car off a bridge in frustration… wait a second, i don't have a car.

So, Last week i wrote ten thousand words in one day.

Say it with me, TEN THOUSAND WORDS!

For you page people, that’s about forty pages.

A friend of mine and i had a contest betting that the other couldn't write 10,000 words in one day. We bet that if one person did and the other didn't then the loser had to take to winner out for indian food. We also said that if neither of us did it, we both had to clean all the bathrooms in our house.

We kept a chart of our word count and the last things we wrote for every two hour span.

Here's mine:

10 am to 12 pm – words: 2430 – Sex parties, retired drug dealers
1 pm to 3 pm – words: 2341 – “Dump his loser ass.”
4 pm to 6 pm – words: 2051 – all his friends are dead
7 pm to 9 pm – words: 2395 – “… I take a deep breath and walk out into the world”
10 pm to 12 am – words: 778 – the last 250 words fucking suck!


A few days ago my total word count was forty five thousand words. FORTY FIVE THOUSAND WORDS!

For you page people, that’s about a hundred and eighty pages.

A quick look above will show you that i have reached (insert swearword that my mom would not appreciate here) 50,000 words!

For you page people, that’s about two hundred pages.

Is all of it good? Well, no. I've written scenes that basically look like this;

“Hey Bob, whatcha doing?”

“Nothing much.”





“Well, wanna talk about your relationship problems for three thousand words?”


I mean don't get me wrong, the point of NaNoWriMo is “just write!” Yay for me and all that, but it's also probably time to admit that i basically reached 50,000 words today by having my lead character go on a 3000 word series of rants about the interesting interactions between mathematics and nature (Oh god, i wish i was kidding.) Come on! I think there is some real dramatic potential in the Fibonacci Sequence. Oh never mind.

When i admitted the math thing to one of my house mates, i was mocked, openly,

“Who do you think you are, David Foster Wallace?”

“Um, no, i just thought it make an interesting metaphorical symbol for…”

“ARE you as clever as David Foster Wallace?”

“Well, um, no.”

So anyway, in the next six days i've committed to writing only description, dialog and plot for my last 10,000 words. Wish me luck.

For the rest of today i'm committed to eating lots of stuffing and pumpkin pie.

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