#$10novel – Day 2 : Pow!

I got 3200 words written and Sean gets no pizza, nor a robot army.

Instead, he gets a picture of awesome.

Yikes! Another fragment from today’s writing:

     It was like the walls were angry. He dropped to his knees into the black soot but the pain still dug in deeper and deeper. Searching blindly, he crawled out of the fireplace, not even caring whether he was on the tarp, sure he was leaving sooty black hand prints on the perfect white carpet.
     The zap still burned cold, but the shaking focus stayed back in the fireplace. It pushed at him, like a gusting wind. He managed to stand just as Mr. Smith came into the room. The pressure from Smith balance the angry energy from the fireplace and he felt like he’d be crushed between the two forces.
     Mr. Smith looked lost, confused. “The carpet, it’s ruined.”
     Amp tried to focus on him through the pain, managed to keep his eyes on Smith’s face. “I’m sorry.”
     “It’s all ruined.”
     Amp didn’t know how or why, but he got up and stumbled forward until his hands were on Smiths shirt, leaving black streaks across his front.
     “I’m ruined.” Mr. Smith hung his head. His voice cracked like he was about to weep. “Ruined.”
     Amp didn’t recognize the voice that came out from his own mouth. “I’m not ruined. I’m okay. I’m fine.”
     Mr. Smith said, “I’m fine.”
     “I’m okay.” Amp said.
     “I’m okay” Mr. Smith repeated.

Something like that…

Today went faster. It only took me three or so hours to get through my words today. But i know this is just going to get harder and harder as i work my way into the more broken parts of the book. Whew!

Tune in tomorrow: Next up, Amal!


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