#$10novel – day 9 (plus novelburns update)

My arms are killing me. I may have to watch out for carpel tunnel. I’m going to ty to take a bath today and maybe try to beg someone to rub my arms.

Woke up pretty early this morning, dragging a bit right now but trying to psych myself up for the complicated, scary and largely unwritten end of ACT I.

Today’s contestant:

Day Nine: Pati Nagle

I need to reach 44,000 words by the time i go to bed tonight, or i owe Pati $10. (I did a little extra writing yesterday, so i need to write a little more than 2000 words to hit 44K.)

Twitter updates, probably.

Novel burns

They grow.

I *almost* wish they would grow faster. They're in the awkward stage.

I *almost* wish they would grow faster. They're in the awkward stage.

I’m thinking about dying my hair today. Maybe i’ll see how the burns look purple?

As an added motivation, i keep a picture of this guy on my desktop.

"If you don't finish the book, this will be you."

“If you don’t finish your book, this will be you.”

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4 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Haha, awesome. I wonder what purple chops would be like? I've never seen anyone with dyed sideburns….
    Good job on the writing, too!


  2. Dave Raines says:

    >> My arms are killing me.

    Old punchline. "I just flew in from Boston and…"

    "I just wrote a novel and…"

    Write, write, but don't wreck your health!


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