#$10novel – days 20, 21, 22, 23 – BAP! BIFF! POW! ZOOM!

For those new to the site, this will make much more sense if you read this first.

Hey all,

Been gone the last few days, so i need to catch you all up!

To start with, here’s a picture of me presenting Diana with her ten dollar reward.



Ferrett, because he rocks, donated $20 in my name to GLADD. (This was especially nice since the &%$#@!^* had threatened, in the comments, to donate my $10 to the Prop-8 people if i lost.)


Let’s recap the last few days.

Day 20 – Monday, June 8th: Misa Arant and Jerry Oltion (DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY!) – YES! (80,018 words)

Misa Arant, you get a starfish. Jerry, you get an old fashioned pinball machine!

Tuesday, June 9th: OFF DAY! – (but i spent all day catching up on work. whew)

Day 21 – Wednesday, June 10th: Lydia Rhoads – YES! (84,282 words)

Lydia, you get a bowling pin.

Day 22 – Thursday, June 11th: Josh English – YES! (88,111 words)

Josh, you get a pocket knife.

Day 23 – Friday, June 12th: Teng Chek – YES! (90,254 words)

Teng, you get a bench.

I have a secret …


… i’m one scene away from finishing the novel. (!!!!?!!) Maybe a little denouement after that, but that’s it.


I guess to honor the contest, i’ll have to go back and find stuff that needs more description or see if there’s a missing scene. We’ll see.

Tomorrow’s contender: Saturday, June 13th: J Peters – 92,000 words

Novelburns update:


Health update:

Ugh. Haven’t been exercising at all lately. Hoping to pick it back up in the next few days.


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5 Responses

  1. Mel says:

    You are mad awesome.

    For you, a hike along Big Whiteshell Lake:

    <img src="http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p127/bareftinthesnow/mantario%20may-09/hike.jpg"&gt;


  2. Grá Linnaea says:

    Awwwww… Thanks!



  3. Beth says:

    awesome and genius of the ferrett to use the money he didn't send to you for a good cause… the Directorate may steal that idea! Congrats on having the finish line in sight. TYPITY TYPE.


  4. Josh English says:

    Cool! I lost my Swiss Army Knife in the couch a while ago. I could always use a new one.


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