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I just moved out of Walnut Street Cooperative, the intentional community i founded four and a half years ago.

This has been a hugely emotional process for me, mostly a good one, but i still have some grieving to do about leaving a place that i started and put so much of myself into.

The decision to move kinda snuck up on us. After J and i got engaged, we thought that we would still live in our separate homes, but sometime
before the wedding, J and i knew, just absolutely knew, that we wanted to live in the same house.

Folks at the coop threw THREE going-away parties for me. We've all decided that our intention is to expand the community across the street
to J's house, rather than lose me as a member. We did a ritual where we literally tied the two houses together. Then everyone poured beer on
my head; i guess it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, i'm super excited about the potential for our communities to grow.

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