gra_at_scuba_dock_bw I never thought i’d get jazzed about Strunk and White. Who knew i’d jump around when i discovered a subtle way to convey emotional information? I didn’t want to be a writer when i was a kid. I wanted to be Evil Knievel.

Then again, maybe not. I read like crazy. My mom and grandpa infected me with sci-fi and fantasy when i was six.

At eighteen i wrote monologues and performed them in cafés. I wrote screenplays and short stories, but decided i was lousy. Back then i never could finish anything. Money seemed like a much bigger deal when i was eighteen. I majored in business, because–get this–i wanted to be rich. But I couldn’t stomach the classes, I realized i couldn’t study things i didn’t care about.

stamp_dragonAfter college i became a recording engineer, working with nationally famous bands. Pretty soon i owned my own studio and bought a house.

I was miserable.

stamp angel
Something was missing. So i sold my recording studio, sold my house, put my stuff in storage, and moved to an intentional community.

After that i formed a community in Richmond Virginia, used what money i had to fund projects to make the world a better place. I’ve lived in community ever since. stamp sun

Most days, i write or compose, or both. I bike everyday, and don’t own a car.

I live on very little money. Sometimes it’s difficult to make ends meet while still living in my ideals, but i wake up excited. To make money, i teach and do graphic design for non-profits.

In my writing, i want to move people. I didn’t turn out to be Evil Knievel, but from what i’ve read, that’s probably for the best.