Aesthetics and beauty and houses i seriously can’t afford.

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I’m getting a little ridiculous about aesthetics; possibly because i’m doing so much design lately.

This is primarily manifesting in my personal life as a strong desire to create my own beautiful space. I’ve been trolling diy, craft and living-space design blogs, thinking about what would make a room look beautiful to me.

Decor8Apartment TherapyDesign SpongeRecyclartDudecraft

And, y’know, now that i’m making consistent income i’m also jonesing for a beautiful house. Someplace i love and care for. A place i could leverage into a space for writers and friends and, i dunno, just a place that’s beautiful and inspiring and can serve many purposes.

I keep looking at these outrageously expensive Victorian homes in Portland … cause i’m crazy … and possibly stupid. I think maybe i got infected with the awesomeness of Neil‘s house. I keep thinking, “yeah, i could do that.”

The main house i’m crazy about is:

I keep racking my brain for ways to finance this ludicrous plan. I’m having fantasies about writer’s retreats and workshops and and and … If i don’t get over this obsession soon, there could possibly be a call for crowd-sourcing.


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  1. Gethin Lynes says:

    Do it! I'll come and finish my novel/s there anytime… every time even…


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