An Update!

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larmSo, it’s been forever since I’ve written an update. I wanted anybody still around to know that I am still alive, having a great time in Portland, still writing, etc etc etc …

I also have some exciting updates to report:

First and foremost is my serial novel “The Curious Investigations of Miranda McGee” which will be coming out at the end of this month. In the next few days I should have art and banners up, so watch this space. It’s going to rule!

In other news, I’m still doing my best to find balance in my life between money work and writing and social time. It’s a challenge sometimes, but generally things are great.

And, as usual, I’m biting off too much. I have two novels currently in the works, and am trying to finish a number of short stories. I keep saying that music is coming soon too. We’ll see. More about that later …

Anyway, nice to see you again. Expect more regular updates from here on out!


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