art day 29 – [crafts] 3 fonts

I’ve been interested in making fonts for awhile.

These three True Type fonts are experiments, and therefore very dirty and a bit disastrous. But hey, experiments have start somewhere.



First try: I just whipped out my usual sloppy writing and made a font out of it: Test Font 1



Second try: Tried to be more careful. the results are inexplicably more messy: Test Font 2


Third try: Arg! Even more messy! I grabbed a bamboo nib that i had made for my friend Emily and the results are … interesting: Test Font 3 (Bamboo Emily)

Ah well, i’ll practice some more and try again later.

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2 Responses

  1. Mel says:

    Looks like the first one wouldn't need much cleaning up.

    Dark writing.


  2. Shailesh Solanki says:

    A very good information. I will like to make calligraphy nib from bamboo.
    I also suggest you to give more idea to make nibs from different materials


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