art day 6 – [story fragment] dizzy pig

For my 5 min exercises, i usually pick a verb or an adjective, and a noun.  It’s probably pretty obvious what the pair were for this 5 min prompt.


Uncle Buddy was the kind of man who would attend functions in his best overalls and walk on the street side of a woman. He was the kind who would hold open doors for older men.

He wrote letters to my sister and I with tiny stubs of pencil delicately clutched in his enormous hands. He told us fanciful tales of farm life, each wrapped like a gift in a translucent shawl of gentle lies.
The hero of his tales was always the Dizzy Pig. The Dizzy Pig was a coward of epic proportions, a sneak, a scoundrel. The Dizzy Pig often meant well for his brethren at the barnyard, but something in his nature kept him from living a life of Christian honesty.
The Dizzy Pig was lonely sometimes. Sometimes he was jovial and mischievous. Often the Dizzy Pig missed my sister and me, for we didn’t visit nearly often enough and then eventually not at all. Long after our parents stopped visiting Uncle Buddy, he wrote us still.
Uncle Buddy was sometimes impatient with the Dizzy Pig, other times he envied him.


Hmmm… a little more Americana than what i usually do. Dunno if i’ll do anything with this one.

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