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Need to save my browser again.


The Super TV-Be-Gone Kit, i am SO making one of these!

The slightly awesome, slightly creepy Minimum Wage Machine. Spits out pennies when the user turns a crank to produce electricity.

Many different plans to Build Your Own Solar Panel Array.

I’m really geeked about all the Open Source Hardware projects popping up all over the place.

I’m thinking about getting a membership on the Instructables site. I do likes to make me some stuff. 😛

I was just thinking that touch screens needed some tactile variation. Cool!

I’m appreciating MAKE’s Mischief Maker’s Holiday Guide. Ohhhhh yesss.

Under the “yeah, it was a little too good to be true” category, IBM claims to create AI Cat Brain Life.

World Change, an awesome project to bring together motivated people for positive world change. Nice!

I’m so incredibly geeked about this Urban Green Housing project in Dallas! (more pics here.)

An interesting look at Not In My Backyard.

When i look at PolitiFact’s Obameter, while there’s plenty i wish Obama was doing differently, he has so far kept quite a few of his promises.


After playing with a friend’s iPhone exercise app, i’ve been looking at Linux exercise programs. The three i’ve seen so far are SportsTracker, Open Fitness and Kipinä, (which looks to be open source.) We’ll see what works.


Thinking about Neil‘s “The Graveyard Book,” which i’m *ahem* just now reading (don’t tell Neil!) i’m looking over Kipling’s The Jungle Book for reference.

Neil also mentioned The Oblique Strategies deck at some point. I like the idea, wanna get a set for myself, or maybe ask for them for the holidays. [UPDATE:] I found an online generator. Cool. 🙂

In a recent conversation, Ellen Datlow mentioned the seminal horror/sci-fi story Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell. I didn’t *ahem* mention that haven’t actually read it yet. *embarrassed*


I’m looking at lots of ESL jobs. Also here. Oh, and i might need an International Driving Permit if i end up in Europe.

I need to register my new startup with the Central Contractor Registry page.

I also need to register us with The Lime Exchange.


Some awesome writing advice on i09 these days. One on “Your Crucial Character Isn’t Working. What To Do” and another from Ray Bradbury’s “Advice To Struggling Writers.”

Another writing book i’d like to pick up. Writing for Video Game Genres: From FPS to RPG.

These Tell Me A Story cards are cool and kind of cute.


This is neat. Learning new languages with Sign Language as an intermediary. Where Are Your Keys?: The Language Fluency Game.

I used to juggle. Eight Reasons You Should Learn To Juggle. With advice on how, too.

The World’s Most Beautiful Poop. What else can i say?

I love Love LOVE this Tom Gauld print, “Characters for an Epic Tale.” SQUEE!

And, once again, my browser feels much lighter. Ahhhh.

Tab close

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I’ll post a World Fantasy Con update soon, but first i need to clear out some of these tabs before my browser drowns in content.

Jeff VanderMeer’s “Book Life” looks pretty interesting. He also posted a list of reasources on the book’s site.

Been playing with It supposedly increases your reading speed. We’ll see.

I got all excited about Ray Bradbury’s “Death Is A Lonely Business.” When i get home, i’m going to pick it up from the library. Nina says the protag is from “Dandelion Wine,” cool!

Wanna pick up a set of these Linux Stickers to trick out my laptop.

I twittered this, but i want to remember this List of Anarchist Science Fiction, there’s still stuff on here i haven’t read.

LOVE Virtual Box, i love it love it love it. With this install of XP, i doubt i’ll ever need a full Windows box again. *Squee*

How To Write Badly Well by Joel Stickley was pretty hilarious. Want to read the rest of it at some point.

Couple of pay-work sites i need to look over for my start-up: 10 Great Places to Find Web Design Jobs and
10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs (some overlap in both.)

This site rules: is a list of resources and guides for open-sourcing the world.

My God, can U.S. healthcare be any more disastrous? Here are some charts on how we rank against other countries. Pretty bleak.

Creepy and strangely beautiful. This guy crafted a big head mask of himself.

I’m kind of delighted that Christopher Lee got knighted.

[UPDATE] *ahem* E.J. points out that this Magnetic Fields album is from 2004. But is still lovely.

Apostrophe, learn how to use it!

A couple of info-mapping Linux programs: FreeMind and Semantik.

The new thing

So, as i’ve probably mentioned, i’m *ahem* a writer. Though lately i haven’t written much of anything. This must change.

Here’s what i wish i was doing lately:

  1. Finishing the first 50 pages of “Losing Candyland.” (Some folks think it’s fine and i should just send it out. Others think it’s broke. I just want to do one last reorg and polish and send it out.)
  2. Polishing the short stories i have and sending them out.
  3. Writing a story a week.
  4. Submitting to the major markets regularly.
  5. Figuring out this !@#$ MFA thing.
  6. Starting the next big project.
        Either the next novel.
        or a comicbook script.
        or a screenplay.
  7. And i note that NaNoWriMo is right around the corner.

Some complications are that i will be travelling this month, am a panellist at TWO conferences (see next post), have lots of pay-work to do and am generally feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Furthermore, being sick and stuck in the house has left me really stir-crazy.

So here’s the plan:

  1. Get out of the house.
  2. Break everything down to reasonable chunks and only worry about the chunk currently in front of me.
  3. Set a timer to force myself to take breaks.
  4. Schedule each category for each work day. So some pay-work, some writing, some long term planning, some downtime.
  5. Don’t spend all my downtime online.

I do want to do NanoWriMo or something similar, so part of this will be scheduling a chunk of time everyday to chip away at that.

So i might add a daily update to the bottom of my posts: What i’m working on , how it’s going, what comes next. We’ll see.

Who knows, maybe i’ll do another of my insane challenges or contests. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks, everyone.

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I really appreciate you all for writing. Thanks.

I notice that i don’t really know how to move on here. What’s the next post after talking about danelé?

I think the worry that comes up is that it’ll look like i don’t care if i move on too quickly.

Screw it. I still care about danelé, i still miss her and feel sad.

But i have stuff to do, so new post to follow.

My ex, danelé, died this morning.

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danelé was a fighter.

Often for other people, sometimes against them, sometimes against herself. The adrenal cancer was supposed to have killed her years ago, but she stuck around and got on with living her life.

She spelled her name lowercase, so as to be more humble.

She collected people, cared for many. There was no one danelé would give up on. She was a crazy mix of wonder and fears. She was funny and infuriating and complex. I have regrets around my relationship with her, but i remember her explosive laugh and i’ll always owe her for the the years i was part of her family and for the years i got to help raise her son Ayden.

danelé believed in God. I hope she found everything she was sure came next.

She passed peacefully at home surrounded by family and friends. I hear that Ayden was supported by a group of friends who rarely left him. I’m glad. I hear she filled these years with celebration, connection, service and love that paralleled the suffering. I’m glad.

I’m not sure if i miss her yet. We weren’t talking and … well, I feel sad and a little empty and a little numb. It feels weird to write about her. I feel embarrassed, like i shouldn’t be talking about myself or how i feel. She went through five years of cancer, not me. She died. I’m still here.

Still, what else can i do?

I wrote her a tune. I don’t know if it says anything, but it made me feel better.

Actually it makes me smile thinking that she wouldn’t have liked it. I should have written a folk song. Anyway, here’s the track i wrote today ” For danelé. ”

danelé Joy Cousins
March 23, 1971 – October 22, 2009