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Some short video clips of the Cult of the Volt show on 06-25-2016

I performed with three extremely talented electro-noise artists this last Saturday for the monthly Cult of the Volt show. Here’s some short (extremely dark) video clips from our set! (I’m the elbow/hand to the left-bottom.)


Recording tracks after 7pm seems to be becoming a trend.

Eh, i figure if i’m avoiding writing, i might as well be doing something creative.

This song is really just a sketch, only rhythm tracks, and i haven’t even begun to think about lyrics.


Now maybe i’ll go do a little writing before bed. :p

art day 68 -Washed Up

Playing with triphop and ambient for a little bit. This track is mostly just a bunch of unformed ideas thrown together. I could probably use an edit and maybe some more melody touches. Maybe i need a singer to to do something over it. But mostly i just wanted something that washes over you. Good writing music, ya know?

For your mellow listening enjoyment: Washed Up.

Random picture (mostly an excuse to play with contrast and color settings):
Blue Gra