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Readercon and stuff…

Readercon! Never been. A bunch of friends recommend it. It’ll be interesting to compare it to WFC, Orycon and Norwescon. This’ll be my first east coast con since i started writing.

Of course i’m mostly excited to see Paul, a bunch of friends and, oh yeah, Readercon.

I’m excited, nervous, all the usual. I’ve been trying to do the whole professional prep thing: Black suit, biz cards, etc. But i’m having trouble getting my head into con mode. We’ll see…

Novelburns final update

It’s done. The book’s not in perfect shape, matter of fact it’s pretty sickly. But i’ve let go of this draft and sent it off to some initial readers.

Which means ….

I can shave off these ridiculous sideburns!

Here’s a recap for those who missed the progression:
Sideburns day 01sideburns_day_02sideburns_day_03sideburns_day_04sideburns_day_05wolvie

Then i dyed them purple.


And now, with the novel off to the readers, i SHAVE THEM OFF!




Hmmm … what should i do with this novelburns fuzz? Maybe i’ll threaten to mail it to someone who’s behind on their wordcount?


#$10novel – day 25 – Holy $#@%!!

I can only say…


95,110 words, the last two are THE and END.

Is it perfect? No. But it has some good stuff in it, i think. I’m going to quickly and obsessively look over the scenes (throw a good ten or twelve of them away probably) for a day or two and then send the whole mess to initial readers.

Valerie, E.J., thanks for the motivation! You don’t get the $10 each, but E.J. gets Charles Darwin and Valerie gets an Asian guy with an afro!

Thank you all. It’s been a hard process, i couldn’t have done it without you.

Check in tomorrow for a novelburns update. New exciting surprises coming!


#$10novel – day 25 – FINAL DAY!

Like the climactic final scene in the action thriller, i have to satisfactorily end my novel and write at least 3000 words doing it.


Which action thriller is that?

I mean it’s like a show down between me and Valerie and E.J. I have my laptop and they have … wait … where is this metaphor going?

FINAL DAY! Valerie Polichar and Eugene Fischer (DOUBLE DAY!)

I need to hit 95,000 words and THE END. Otherwise, i owe them each $10.

[Imagine that whistling music from “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly”]

Let’s see what happens…

#$10novel – day 24 – Flash, uh uh!!


I’m literally at the end of the climactic scene, which is, oddly enough, really hard to write. I actually only managed to meet my wordcount by going back and padding out some earlier scenes. Ah well.

But i did it. Thanks for playing, J Peters, but the ten dollars stays home.

But you get … a giant eyeball!:

Tomorrow: FINAL DAY! Valerie Polichar and Eugene Fischer (DOUBLE DAY!)

Tomorrow, i HAVE to finish the end. No excuses.