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#$10novel – day 11 – SNORT!

Dammit. I made myself cry again.

The end of ACT I is kind of intense for me. I guess i forgot.

Anyway, i’m on page 257, (50,243 words in.)

ACT I is done. Whew.

No $10 for Emily, so she doesn’t have to feel guilty. 😛

Instead, Emily gets a dragon of awesome!

Novel Excerpt:

     Ras took Joyce’s hand, squeezed it and turned to go, But he pulled her back, leaned in close to her ear. He whispered but she heard him perfectly through the cacophonous noise. “My dear, thank you so much for what you do for me tonight. May all your dreams come true.”
     She leaned away, didn’t know what to say, so she just smiled and made her way to the stage.
     Backstage was almost as loud as the club. She and Beth and Brian wove their way in to the dark wings. Beth and Brian set down their bags sort through their juggling gear.
     The lights flared and Beth saw a man in a side room, sitting in a wheelchair staring at the floor. He looked sad.
     She wanted to go to him but was distracted when the band finished their song. The crowd swelled to a deafening roar.

Next up: Loreen Heneghan

P.S. –

Body Update:

Food: Raw and Vegan, plus juice
DDR: 0 songs
Bike: 40 mins
Walk: 6 blocks
Push-ups: 10
Abs: 0 mins


#$10novel – day 11

Morning has broken, like the first blah blah blah…

Getting ACT I done today, doing it!

Today’s contestant: The deadly and talented Emily Mangan.

From what i know of Em, she’ll just feeling guilty if i give her $10, so i guess i have to try harder just so as to not add to her emotional burden. 😛

Novelburns Update:

I’m seriously considering dying the novelburns purple. Pictures forthcoming.

Body Update:

One thing about trying to get the %$#@!& writing done every day, and just plain being slammed with other work, is i am NEVER EXERCISING and am EATING REALLY BADLY. Just generally feeling fat and gross. So…

This is not part of the challenge, but i want to be aware of my eating and exercise, so as part of this whole thing, i’m going to use these blog entries to track them. Pretty much the only formal exercise i do is Bike, Walk, DDR, Push-ups and Ab exercises, so maybe i’ll just track the numbers on those. So far today i have:

Food: Raw Fruit – DDR: 0 songs – Bike: 0 mins – Walk: 0 blocks – Push-ups: 0 – Abs: 0 mins

#$10novel – day 10 – SPLOOM!

Another $10 saved! 47,2367 words in and i’m planning to keep writing. Literally on the edge of ACT I, can look over and see ACT II below me, full of doom and bad plotting. Yikes!

Kishi, thanks for playing, please accept this picture of a power cord as a parting gift:

Tomorrow: The sneaky and deadly Emily Mangan tries to steal my $10 through various trickery and distraction. 50,000 words may be a difficult point in the novel, and yes, ACT II looks very scary, but i will triumph!


#$10novel – day 10

The coast was good.

It was just nice to get away, not think about work or stress or other problems and just relax for a awhile. (Okay, i still stressed and worried a little here and there, but mostly i had a really nice time.) I’ll post a few pictures when i pull them off my camera.

Anyway, back to it! Novel! Rawr!

I’m right on the cusp of ending ACT I, and i’m excited and scared. I’m pretty low on sleep; I got home late last night, woke up a little sad from a bad dream and had to get up early to do some volunteer work this morning, but since i got back i’ve already written a 1000 words, so i only have 2000 to go.

Today’s contestant:

Day Ten: Kishi

I’m at 45,000 words right now. I need to reach 47,000 by the time i go to bed tonight, or i owe Kishi $10. I have a bunch of money-work to catch up on this afternoon too, but i’ll keep writing and send Twitter updates, probably.

Hope you all had a good holiday.

Me at the aquarium on the coast.