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How organizations get poisoned from within.

I’ve joined Amal El-Mohtar in calling for Theodore Beale‘s expulsion from the Science Fiction Writers Association.


The whole mess with Beale is well outlined by Jim Hines. The short version is that Beale is a racist, a misogynist, and seems to generally enjoy pissing people off. He’s launched a number of personal attacks on other SFWA members, most recently using SFWA’s official twitter stream.




I’ve seen people like Beale poison a number of groups and organizations. The only way I’ve seen groups survive this kind of behavior is to address it directly.


Anyway, here’s the letter I wrote to SFWA:


Hey all,

I want to add my voice to the folks who think the time has come to
take a hard look at Theodore Beale’s membership in SFWA. His recent
attack on N. K. Jemisin (and using the SFWA twitter feed, no less)
would seem to more than qualify as a violation of Article IV Section

I know this is a potentially divisive and sticky path, but I feel like
the long-term damage of having a member like Beale far outweighs the
trouble that will come from addressing this issue directly.

Along the same lines, I wonder if the board, or the membership in
general should be looking at SFWA’s policy on hate-speech. While I
appreciate Article IV, Section 10, we would be better served by more

I see from Section 10 that SFWA isn’t responsible for circulating a
petition for this type of decision. After looking through the forums,
I see some discussion circling the Beale incident, but nothing
directly discussing Amal El-Mohtar’s suggestion that Beale be removed.
I’m curious if such a petition has been started already?

Thanks for listening,
Grá Linnaea


I’m hoping that this ugly incident can inspire us to take a hard look at what kind of organization we want to be and how important inclusivity is to us.


And the discussion continues …

Wow, sometimes it does pay to look yourself up on Amazon.

“My favorite of this issue is Grá Linnaea’s “Beneath the Floorboards,” a chilly little yarn about a runaway boy who steals his father’s precious grandfather clock. I can’t say much about the events herein without doing a spoiler, so I’ll just note that it’s surreal and spooky, with elements that may remind you of Robert Bloch.”

Review of “One Buck Horror – Issue 5” on Amazon

Double Dare to Be Bad Day!


I just wrote a bunch of writing friends about the new stupid thing I’m doing this weekend.

I want to finish this novel over the weekend, so I’m stealing Devon Monk‘s “Dare to Be Bad” writing strategy.

(Dare to Be Bad is attempting to write 10,000 words in one day. You’re daring to be bad because … Jesus you don’t have time to worry about quality, you just gotta write and write and write!)

Except I’m Daring to be Bad on BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll start writing Saturday at 10am and go till 10pm with breaks for food and location changes (900 words an hour? Easy!)

Then I’ll start over on Sunday and do the whole madness again.


Anyway, some folks are joining me for part of both days, but I plan to be on Google Hangout the whole time, so if you want to join me in solid productivity time. I’ll be doing 45 on (writing, no talking) and 15 mins off (taking a break, hangin’ out) every hour except food breaks and travel.

Day 1: Google Hangout invite for Dare to Be Bad Day – Part 1
Day 2: Google Hangout invite for Dare to Be Bad Day – Part 2

If you want to play along, but don’t write fiction, do whatever you want (write term papers, sew, work on homework, build wooden ships, knit, bake, design a secret death laser, whatever.)

And you don’t have to work the whole twelve hours, feel free to drop in and out.

Anyway, I’ll post word count from time to time as I go. Wish me luck.

May the getting-stuff-done be with you,

Devon tells me that she got the idea from Nina Kiriki Hoffman who says that she came up with the name with Dean Wesley Smith but that the idea for the 10,000 word day comes from Jennifer Linnaea or possibly still Devon Monk. So, you know … that.

Gráfinder: Spring addition

By the way, if you find yourself at Norwescon (April 5th through 8th) you can find me at the following panels, etc:

Friday 11 am Cascade 6

Our panelists will help you divine the meaning of different rejection letters and ways to deal with rejection.
Sonia Orin Lyris (M), Sir R.L. McSterlingthong, Grá Linnaea, Lizzy Shannon, Eileen Gunn

Friday 2 pm Cascade 6

Gender Roles Redefined by Sci Fi and Fantasy
Genre literature freed up women long before the ERA. How has sci-fi and fantasy literature redefined gender roles, both for men and women? And why does Joss Whedon have such a love for teenage girls who kick ass?
Stina Leicht (M), Paul Guinan, Grá Linnaea, Julie Hoverson

Saturday 11am Evergreen 1&2

The Writer/Editor Relationship
An editor is interested in your story. Hurray! But he wants big changes. Boo! Now what do you do? Find out what goes on behind the scenes and how you as a writer can increase your chances of closing a sale.
Jay Lake (M), Stan!, Gordon Van Gelder, Grá Linnaea

Saturday 2 pm Grand 2

Autograph Session 1

See you there!

Gratuitous self promotion

So, *ahem*, I’m new at this, but hopefully this isn’t too self promotey.

I posted two of my stories in the SFWA forums for Nebula consideration:

“Heart on Green Paper” (short story, originally published in Daily Science Fiction, August 25th, 2011):

“Namasté Prime” (short story, originally published in Apex Magazine, September 2011):

Note: only SFWA members can read the forums.

If you like either these stories, maybe consider suggesting them ( or even nominating them for a Nebula Award.

There, *spam off.* As you were.