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#$10novel – Day 2 – Start

Doing it again.

Day Two: Sean Markey – 23,000 words

I’ll mail or Paypal Sean $10 if i fail to get my wordcount up to 23,000 by the time i get to sleep tonight.

Updates on Twitter coming soon. I know that Sean will just use the money towards an evil robot army, so i’m particularly motivated to meet this goal.


What Sean doesn’t know is that i’m armed with charts, schedules and calendars. Heh heh heh.

(Gah, i’m a nerd.)


Ahem, i mean Rawk!

#$10novel – Day 1 : BAM!

Say it again. BAM!

Well, my fine followers, i have succeeded in saving myself $10 while saving Dave from overeating. All and all a good day.

No $10 for Dave. Instead, he gets a picture of a puppy.

With much trepidation, i present a fragment from today’s writing:

    Ras and Beth and Brian sat silently around a salad made from wild Purslane and Yucca flowers Brian had collected. He’d also come back with mulberry wine stolen from Chris’ trailer. “There’s a plan, right?”
    Ras was too sleepy to look at him, and she felt unsure. “Like I said, we’ll need a car.” She hadn’t wanted to mention this part. “The client didn’t pay anything up front.”
    Brian choked and ultimately spit wine. “What?”
    She put her hands to her face. “I know, it’s just…”
    “He didn’t give you any money, how do you know he’ll pay when we get there?”
    She shrugged. There was no way she was going to convince them to do this. “I just know.”
    Beth scratched her nose, looked sleepy. “I’m excited.” She took Ras’ hand. “I’ve always wanted to live up north.”
    “No you haven’t.” Brian looked sullen. But he took Beth and Ras’ hands. “How will we get up there?”
    Their hands felt warm. Ras felt lighter than she had in weeks. “We get a car and just figure something out.”
    Brian used his free hand to pick at a fibrous chunk of carpet remnant. “You certainly have a lot of faith.”
    She beamed. “You have no idea.”

There. Let’s move on…

Now my problem is to get 3000 words done without it taking ALL DAY. Whew!

Tune in tomorrow: As Sean Markey tries to take my hard earned $10!


#$10novel – Clarification

Thinking about the $10 challenge, i realize that i should be clearer about what means i win and what means i give away ten smackaroos.

I realized i said i would write / edit / or rewrite, “3000 words a day.” But the novel is a finite thing and i don’t want to set myself up to where i run out of novel before getting to the last few people, and more importantly, i don’t want to penalize myself for writing more than 3000 words a day. 😛

So let’s say the goal is total wordcount by the end of the day, illustrated below.

K? K! Good? Good!


Saturday, May 16th: Dave Lerner – 20,000 words
Sunday, May 17th: Sean Markey – 23,000 words
Monday, May 18th: Amal El-Mohtar – 26,000 words
Tuesday, May 19th: AnarchicQ – 29,000 words
Wednesday, May 20th: John Burridge – 32,000 words
Thursday, May 21st: Chris Battey – 35,000 words
Friday, May 22nd: Ethan McCutchen and Nina Kiriki Hoffman (DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY!) – 38,000
Saturday, May 23rd: Beth Wodzinski – 41,000 words
Sunday, May 24th: Pati Nagle – 44,000 words
Monday, May 25th: Kishi – 47,000 words
Tuesday, May 26th: Emily Mangan – 50,000 words
Wednesday, May 27th: Loreen Heneghan – 53,000 words
Thursday, May 28th: Holly Arrow – 56,000 words
Friday, May 29th: Arashinomoui and Bruce Holland Rogers (DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY!) – 59,000 words
Saturday, May 30th: Merchimerch – 62,000 words
Sunday, May 31st: Dave Raines – 65,000 words
Monday, June 1st: Kevin Kenan – 68,000 words
Tuesday, June 2nd: Rachel A – 71,000 words
Wednesday, June 3rd: The Ferrett – 74,000 words
Thursday, June 4th: Diana Standish – 77,000 words
Friday, June 5th: Misa Arant and Jerry Oltion (DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY!) – 80,000 words
Saturday, June 6th: Lydia Rhoads – 83,000 words
Sunday, June 7th: Josh English – 86,000 words
Monday, June 8th: Teng Chek – 89,000 words
Tuesday, June 9th: J Peters – 92,000 words
Wednesday, June 10th: Valerie Polichar and Eugene Fischer (DOUBLE DAY!) – 95,000 words


Hmmm… guess i better not fall behind, this could get cumulative very quickly. Sheesh!

#$10novel – Day 1 – Start : Let’s get this party started

All right, here we go.

First up: Dave Lerner

I’ll mail or Paypal Dave $10 if i fail to get my wordcount up to 19,717 (about page 96) by the time i get to sleep tonight.

I’m hoping to hit the novel hard this morning, so updates should be coming soon. I’ll let you know if i emerge triumphant and authorial, or if Dave gets pizza money.

Wish us luck!

[novel update] That was fast

Huh. Who’d have thought that if i offered free money on the internet, i’d get such a fast response?

I have my list!

Apologies to the people i couldn’t fit in. I tried to do first come-first-serve, but also had to contend with people signing up in person, in blog comments, emails, phone calls, and twitter. Sheesh!

And, yeah, i leaned a tiny bit toward people who were local and friends. Shout outs to everyone i missed!

OK, here we go. I’m currently on page 83; 16,717 words into draft 1 of “Losing Candyland.”

Starting tomorrow i have from when i wake up till when i go to sleep to get to 19,717 words into the novel (about page 96) or i owe Dave Lerner $10.

Wish me, or Dave, luck.

P.S. – Extra special thanks to The Ferrett for using his vast internet magical powers to drum up so many people to … take my money … um, thanks, Ferrett!