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I do more by 9:30 than most people do by 9:35

Today is a productive day, i’ve decided.

Today i wrest words from the air, from the very air!

…well, i hope so.

And music! I shall wrest music from the very air, as well!

…well, maybe more words than music.

I’m applying to the Clarion Writers Workshop, which is all prestigious and stuff. Right now i’m polishing a few stories to get out to them in the hopes that they will think i’m worthy…

…and poor, also in the hopes that they will think i am poor enough to qualify for a scholarship.

Wish me luck.

Oh, in the last week i got 6 rejections (4 personal, two emphatically asking me to send another story!) and sent out 2 stories. So i currently have 31 stories in the mail. I’m going to put another out today so i still have at least 30 out there after Jan 1st.

Enough talk, i have work to do!

Two upcomming projects and an informal poll…

Going off to spend time with J’s folks tomorrow.

I’m trying to do nothing for a few days, to be unproductive. Maybe even to feel good about it.

We’ll see.

But AFTER the holiday, i have two creative projects bouncing around in my head, just waiting to come busting out… like in Alien.

1.) I’ve been crafting a “mutual world.”

What’s that Grá?

well, i’ll tell you.

I’m creating a fictional framework, a world where other writers can write stories. The idea is that we’ll all write stories in this world and create an anthology, which i’ll pitch to a publisher and we’ll all become millionaires and have groupies and stuff. OK, that last part wont happen, but some of my _published_ friends have shown interest. I’m going to start writing the “bible” for the project at the beginning of the year and bounce it off some writer friends.

2.) I just love to set myself up so i can get really stressed. I think at the beginning of February i’m going to host a contest/challenge called “30 Songs In 30 Days” (3-SI-3D), it’ll be kinda like NaNoWriMo (which i won last year.) Check out my blog for updates, i’ll be hyping the contest at the beginning of the year.

Oh, i need your help. Yeah YOU. I’m working on a new music project and i need a name for my band.

What should i name it?

The most recent name i’ve been playing with is: “I TRIANGLE triangles!”

but most people hate that.

So, what should i name my new band? Leave me a suggestion in the comments.

No, seriously, i will stop talking about myself…

Please, indulge me one last time…

I have 35 stories in the mail! Omigod! Omigod! Omigod!

Ok, there, i’m done. I mean really done. I’ve only completed 38 stories in my entire life and those last three are not going to see the light of day till they are thoroughly thoroughly rewritten… if ever.


Anyway, in other news: I wrote a story last night and read it out loud at the Wordos Holiday Reading Party. I don’t know if it’s any good, i really don’t, but i was in tears by the time i finished with the reading.

A writer friend who i really respect said i should send it out immediately, so i did. I just sent a 450 word story (in 2nd person yet) to Writer’s of the Future. Either i’m really really stupid, or i’m going for the most unusual win in the history of the contest.

J thinks i’m stupid. She didn’t like the story and thinks people liked it because i was all choked up while i read it. Maybe. Ah well…

Alright, i’m out…